I am amazed at the sexual ignorance men have about women and women have about men. Sexuality is at the epicenter of our biology. Our sexuality is a part of our nature. It is natural. It was with us when we walked on all fours as it is with us now. It should be easy and it should be fun. It most certainly should be pleasurable. Is the problem that the negative sexual conspirators have achieved their goal of getting us to repress, inhibit, and restrict sexual enjoyment? Are we so embarrassed about our sexuality that we can not talk about it openly with the person we love and live with? The person we sleep next to, eat with, and share everything with, the person we have built a life with. Couples cannot talk about their sexual feelings or needs with the person to whom they have committed to be sexually exclusive! When it comes to the subject of sex, too many of us have guilt,shame, fear of masturbation, discomfort with oral stimulation, with the rear entry position, with talking about it, viewing it, reading about it, teaching it: all are problematic issues in our culture. We have been deceived; we have been deluded; tricked, bamboozled, hyped, snowed. We have been Hoodwinked! We have been hoodwinked by the negative sexual script invented by a group of individuals, authorities, and institutions.They have invented this script because of their guilt, fear and shame. They have for centuries projected their unnatural, fearful, and abnormal negative script on sex. They are the "Erotophobes" who fear their natural sexuality. While other Western nations seem to have evolved beyond their corrupted sexual views of past history, America is still listening to them, and believing them. It is as if we are voting against ourselves.